Airbrushing on Vinyl


Airbrushing on vinyl is not new, they have been doing that ever since they started applying vinyl decals to vehicles.. you see them everywhere and may not realize they have been airbrushed.. a burst.. or highlight. I put together a little tutorial about airbrushing on vinyl for your own projects...



I used white vinyl. You can use any vinyl color you wish. Tape down the vinyl onto a solid surface (just used some plexiglass I had laying around... could be wood, metal, anything). Then sanded the vinyl with 500grit sandpaper, took down all the shine and wiped it down with a degreaser (Duponts Wash n Wipe). 






Now I cut out my paper mask and taped it down to the vinyl. I wasnt all that concerned about overspray getting under the mask because I plan on cutting this out in the end anyways.







HINT: I cut little diamonds out of the paper mask at the skinny points that would fly up when I tried to spray down my paint. Once the diamonds were cuto out, I applied a little peice of tape and this holds down the ends.


Now I just airbrush my design.... a tiger lily for this one. Only took about an hour from start to finish.


Now I remove the paper mask and apply rattlecan clearcoat (Duponts Jamb and Door clear).





I cut out the decal and applied to the top of my laptop computer. I could have cut out a peice of vinyl the same size as my laptop and completely airbrushed the whole thing and applied it to the laptop just like a sticker.



And PRESTO.. I have a custom airbrushed laptop decal!



This is a good alternative to actually airbrushing your laptop (or other sensitive materials such as guitars, etc) or to make temporary additions. You can actually airbrush an larger item for a hood of a car and then the vehicle is not stuck in the garage for an extended length of time... and its just vinyl so if you don't like it.. start over!

I get all my vinyl for FREE from the local sign shops. I usually get scrap pieces or the end of the rolls that wont fit in their machines, which usually are large enough to airbrush an entire hood of a car.

Check it out.. let me know if it works for you too...